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At CLS Technology, we believe that the only way to truly earn your business is by offering superior service at reasonable prices. As your partner, we will assign a Service Manager to you specifically, to help follow up and address any issues that you need us to handle. Rest assured, with CLS Technology, we will strive to make sure that your Life Safety Systems give you the performance that you deserve.

The CLS service department has a dedicated team that is on call 24 hours a day. 

Whether you need service for your fire alarm system or intercom head end CLS is there to help.

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Fire & Security Monitoring

CLS  is your source for fire & security monitoring. Our rates are always competitive and our service is exceptional. Ask us today on how we can start saving you money!


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Inspection & Maintenance Program

 Fire alarm systems are used to save lives every day. But they require regular inspection, testing and maintenance. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other code making organizations require annual inspection and testing as a way to ensure these systems will operate as intended to notify building occupants of fire or other emergency. Fire alarm systems operational reliability is only as good as the maintenance program used for inspection and testing. This is why regular inspections are essential. 

CLS Technology has an amazing service team that can offer you a program like no other.

Not only can we inspect and repair your systems but we offer a maintenance program that is designed to save you money.

By joining our maintenance program you will receive reduced service fees as well as reassurance that your system is working at it's optimal ability. Let us install all of the build-outs in your building and we will offer you an amazing incentive program that allows you to save money and you could even have your inspections done for free. Contact us below for more information and to learn more on how CLS can save you money and help your bottom line all while protecting your building, and the people that visit you every day.

Have your smoke detectors been cleaned?

Dirty detectors cause false alarms, especially in areas where there is a high percentage of airborne dust particles that can settle and collect on equipment. Duct detectors are more susceptible to dirt collection. Smoke detectors in relatively open spaces can at times become dirty as well (depending on the environment and air movement). Contact us today to learn more on how we can clean and maintain your life safety systems.

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